What is Virgin hair?

Virgin hair is 100% natural human hair that have never been processed. The hair cuticles are all intact and there is no damage to the hair cuticles. Since all the hair is hand selected all the cuticles are placed in the same direction and there is never any tangling.All our virgin hair is Remy hair which is beautiful and soft, long lasting, and has lots of body. The hair is hand-selected and a lot of care is taken so all the cuticles are in the same direction.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair means the cuticles of the hair are all intact and facing the same direction to prevent tangling and matting.

What is Wefted Human Hair?

Wefted human hair is hair that has been machine sewn or hand tied at the top. All of our wefted human hair which has been either hand tied or machine sewn, the hair cuticles all goes in the same direction making it impossible to tangle. The hand tied weft is a much thinner weft than the regular machine wefted hair.

What is Bulk Human Hair?

Bulk human hair is hair that is not sewn at the top it is just tied at the top this hair is also called loose human hair and is normally used for braiding or strand by strand hair fusions. This hair has no wefts.

Can I Cut the Hand Tied Weft?

we strongly recommend that you do not cut the hand tied wefts simply fold the weft if it is too wide to your desire length however if you must cut the wefts please use glue at the ends that you have cut.

What is a lace wig?
Lace wigs are made with a mesh-like lace material in the front, around the edges or all over in which individual hair strands are hand-tied. The lace is designed to blend in with your own scalp creating a natural, realistic looking hairline. When properly worn, with special adhesives, the hairline can be so realistic looking and virtually undetectable, giving the appearance of natural growing hair. These are the same wigs that many celebrities wear.

Lace Front(Frontals) vs. Full Lace. What is the difference?

Lace Front wigs have lace only in the front, creating a realistic and natural looking hairline. Full Lace wigs contain lace throughout or around the entire base making it possible to wear your unit in a ponytail and creating a realistic and natural looking hairline around the entire unit.

Can I wear a lace wig if I have my own hair?

Yes, however you have to wear your hair as flat as possible (i.e. in cornrows or with a wig cap).

How to Attach a Full Lace Wig?

1. Prep your hair, by creating a flat surface for the wig to sit on. You can braid your hair down, or apply a wig liner.
2. Fit the wig on your head, and evaluate how and where you would like the hairline. The goal is to find where the hairline will look most natural.
3. Gradually starting trimming the excess lace, the goal here is to create your hairline, only cut small amounts off at a time.
4. After you have created your hairline, apply adhesive to the hairline, so it can stay on your head.
5. The finished hairline should look totally natural, as if the hair were actually growing from your head.

How to Remove the Full Lace Wig?

1. Put all hair up into a ponytail, so you won't get adhesive on the hair.
2. Apply the lace adhesive remover to the adhesive around perimeter of hairline.
3. Gradually remove the lace, be care not to pull at the lace, Remove slowly.
4. After you have removed the lace, there may be some residue left on the unit, you should shampoo the unit, and with a towel, delicately scrub the residue away.
5. You should let the unit dry naturally or you can style the unit, how you would normally style your natural hair.

What are the differences between Swiss and French lace?

French lace is more durable than Swiss lace and it is best for new wearers. It is thin, delicate, and natural looking. Swiss lace is the most undetectable of the laces, but the most fragile. This is best for experienced wearers. Swiss lace is fragile and requires skill to be handled and may be torn easily.

What products do you recommend?

I recommend washing your hair with Nioxin treatments to help repair a thining hairline and hair in need of treatment due to overprocessing. You may use the Redken Fresh Curl to give straight and curly hair the high quality products required to give your hair the luster and shine you desire. To rid of product build up, use a clarifying shampoo once a month.

Can I sleep, swim, and workout with my Lace wig on?

Yes, your Lace Front will be attached with an adhesive which will secure the wig and allow you to exercise, swim, and sleep without worrying about your wig application.

Who makes the wigs?

Our lace wigs are custom designed by our professional wig specialist who have over 15 years experience in designing wigs.

How is the wig designed?

All of our wigs are hand-crafted using invisible french or swiss lace. Then each strand of hair is skillfully hand-tied into the lace and double knotted to prevent shedding.

How long does it take for the lace wig to ship or be made?

For custom orders - Once you pay for your wig, please allow 4 - 5 weeks for delivery. Once your wig is made - it will be shipped priority via united states postal service

How long will my lace wig last?

Your lace wigs can last for many years depending on the upkeep and usage of the wig. We provide you with full care instructions free with every wig purchase.

Can I Style these lace wigs?

YES, you can flat iron it, dye it, set it, blow dry it, hot curl it, etc. all our wigs are made from 100% Virgin Human Hair and will style like your own natural hair does.

Can the lace wigs be parted anywhere?

Yes, all of our wigs are Freestyle and that means that you can part them anywhere.

Does the lace wigs come with Baby Hair?
YES, baby hair is a FREE Option - we do not charge extra to add baby hair.

What are Bleached Knots?

Bleached knots is a technique where they bleach out the knot that is made when each strand of hair is hand-tied into the lace at the base of the cap. It bleaches the knot out, making it a little lighter so that it does not stand out as much. It gives it a more natural appearance as though the hairs are growing out of the scalp. This is recommended when you choose a dark hair color.
What does Density mean?
Density is defined as how thick or thin you want your hair to be. The standard and most popular choice is 100% which is Medium Density.

How do I care for my hair?

Because this hair is top quality and the cuticles are all intact treat this hair like your very own hair. Please condition and shampoo the hair to keep it soft and manageable. We also recommend a leave in conditioner. For best results follow our instructions on how to care for your hair and lace wig which comes free of charge with your hair piece.

How do you accept payment?
We accept payments thru Paypal.com, Cash, Money Gram, Bank Transfer and Western Union.


** Brush hair daily and frequestly using a good quality detangling brush, brush hair starting from the bottom and work your way up gradually to the top.

** Wash hair using detangling shampoo and conditioner.

** Do not use any grease, oil, oil spray/sheen to the hair.

** To maintain hair shine or lustre, use serum which protects hair from the enviroment, any hair loss and does not weigh the hair down.

** When weaving, do not sew on the weft - always sew under weft.

** when removing the weave do NOT cut the weft of the hair.

** you can colour hair.

** You can set hair.

** you can starighten or curl any hair texture with blow dryer, curlers and flat iron.